Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Continuing Education

I should not have to mention how important it is to continue to educate oneself after finishing the highest level of schooling one may attain. This goes for any and all professions. For instance, if a chef was to stop learning and experimenting with their cooking skills, they would be preparing the same food day in and day out for their customers. That same chef could continue to learn new methods of cooking or new dishes to prepare that could very well help them get to the next level in their career and distinguish themselves among the many other chefs out there. The same goes for strength and conditioning coaches. We must continue to read on the new literature that is available to us in order to apply that to our athletes. The application of scientific findings is a huge part of what makes this job difficult, but rewarding. This is one of the ways to separate oneself from the coaches who just "go through the motions". The difficulty comes from finding the time to be able to read up on what's new, and also using that time wisely. This is always something I think about on a daily basis..."is this a reliable source of information", or "should I read this journal or this book with my available time"? The most important part in deciding what you should read is simply what will help move you forward in your knowledge, and in your career. If you are lacking knowledge in a specific area, make it a habit to read an article or two every day, or every other day. Just like training and nutrition, you make the effort and good things will come. Remember, strive to learn and apply the new knowledge!

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