Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Chinese...

Are CRAZY!!!!

It's no wonder that they are so good! I went through a training session today that was similar, but minuscule, in resemblance to their sessions. I snatched and clean and jerked, but did many, many reps. For Snatch, I did (kg x sets x reps): 60x2x4, 70x3x3, 80x3x2, 90x3x1. For C&J, I did: 60x2x4, 80x2x3, 90x1x2, 100x2x2, 110x3x1. I was completely beat after this because the rest was very limited as well. I did all of that in about 55 minutes! It kicked my ass and I complained a little, but I know that it did me some good. My technique felt really tight by the last few sets. Todd saw most of my snatches and said that many of the attempts looked the same, which is really good. I guess I will try this out and see where it gets me in the next few weeks.

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