Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hitting Big Numbers

Today I did another double. The morning session was back squat and snatch. I went up to 150kg for one single, but the money set was 142.5kg. I was to do this for 1+, meaning as many as I could get, basically. I put it up for 3, which was what I intended to do. After the squats were done, I snatched, going up to about 80% for 7 singles. The afternoon session consisted of clean and jerk, hang snatch high pulls, snatch RDLs, and accessory work (abs, pull-ups, etc.). I went up to about 90% in the clean and jerk for 3 singles. I need a lot of work on my clean and jerk. Something happened along the way these past couple months and it's way off right now. Train hard, train smart!

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