Thursday, June 3, 2010


I decided to take the next couple days off. Considering I am sore as hell right now and I'm going to be training with Bud on Saturday, I think this is a good call on my part. I'm sore because I back squatted 127.5kg x 5 yesterday, which was a new rep PR at that weight. Looks like me knee is almost back to 100% from having tendonitis back around the time of Collegiates. I think I may condition a small amount today to push some of my soreness out. What do you other weightlifters think about conditioning? Do you do it? If so, what kind? I usually stick to interval-type conditioning. Screw that slow, long distance stuff! That trains the muscle completely opposite of the classic lifts, and what we, as weightlifters, try to accomplish...explosion! Train hard, train smart!

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