Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Do I Train?

I often wonder why I train. It's a silly thing if you think about it in-depth for awhile. What does lifting heavy weights (remember 'heavy' is a relative term!) over your head have to do with anything in life? Well, considering I practically live in the gym, with work and my own training, I guess it means a lot. But the daily toll this takes on my body also weakens my mind, and will, from time to time. Whenever I question this silly sport I love so much, I always think about that ultimate goal of lifting at the American Open or Nationals someday. This thought is what keeps me going. Also, I've been told many times that I am a good lifter. This has always surprised me because I don't think highly of my own abilities as a lifter, but I take the compliment and keep training hard. I guess this is just a rant, but I wanted to write about something! Ha!

On another note, I trained a heavy double session today. Snatch and front squats in the first session and clean and jerk in the second session. It was rough because I was trying some of the technique changes that Bud suggested. I may wait until after the state meet in July before I really focus on changing my technique. This way I can post a decent total at the state meet and back off the weight in training after it's over. Then I can change my technique when there are no big meets in the near future.

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