Thursday, July 22, 2010

Changes in Training

So, I just competed in the state meet for Ohio on the 17th and hurt my elbow on my third snatch attempt of 102kg. Whippeeee! :( I was able to finish the meet and actually attempted a PR clean and jerk attempt of 122kg. Because of the elbow injury, I will be taking on a large task in my training. I will be starting the Smolov base program for squats. The problem with this is that my knee actually hurts now for some reason. I've felt this before and it has been something I could train through and eventually disappeared. Hopefully this happens again. Time will only tell, but I am really excited to take on this squat program. My goal is to raise my squat max to 165kg. My elbow should be good to go once this 4-week Smolov program is completed. From there I will begin to focus more one my Olympic lifts. Train hard, train smart!

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