Friday, January 28, 2011

The Specifics of Meet Preparation

Meet preparation has been done countless different ways. I'm sure everyone reading this article has their own ideas about which way is better, and has their own opinion as to why. This is completely we all know; everyone reacts to training differently physiologically and psychologically. Of course, there are better ways to prepare depending on which strength sport we are talking about. You would not prepare in the same manner for a weightlifting meet as you would for a strongman meet. These are two completely different sports when it comes to their physiological profiles. So, you see where the dilemma begins?

I had a GREAT idea the other day and I want to see it through. I would like to write a book on the specifics of meet preparation for all of the strength sports. This would be a great resource for a beginner to a seasoned veteran, covering all aspects of competition. I would make it as detailed as possible, making sure I do all my homework for each sport. What do you all think? Any advice you could give me? Anything specific you would like to see in the book?

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