Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy or Smart?

It is 5:49pm EST. I'm sitting in my living room watching TV as I write this blog. I haven't done much since yesterday morning, when I conditioned at 8:30am. Sure, you could call me lazy, but do you know what I did during the week? I busted my ass! I deserve to be lazy!

We all get so wrapped up in our training programs that sometimes we forget how important rest and recovery can be. I know this all too well, having just embarked on a hellish training program. Don't forget that recovery is just as important to the overall plan as training and nutrition are. I won't get into all the scientific jargon, but I will send you to an excellent article written by my friend, Ryan van Asten. Check out his article on RECOVERY.

I should have my previous training sessions up by tomorrow morning if I find the motivation to post them  :)
Ah! Motivation, another topic for another blog. Soon to come!

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