Saturday, October 9, 2010

Come, All Ye Faithful

Training is NOT a hobby. It is NOT a way for me to get away from other problems. It IS oxygen. It IS life. You may be reading this thinking I am insane, but it is true. At least for this very moment in my life. I'm sure my priorities will be changing very soon, and I'm okay with that. I will be finishing my Master's degree in May and my career will come first. Although, my career as a strength and conditioning coach is STRONGLY correlated to training, wouldn't you say? Ha!

This blog is dedicated to the faithful that live and breathe training. Those that never miss a beat. Those that can relate to everything I have said and am about to say. It is not an easy thing to do, but someone has to do it! Train, that is, especially those of us that train day in, day out; week after week. Those that fight through the physical and psychological discourse of the low periods of a hard, heavy training cycle...only to take a short deload before beginning another training cycle.

You might live the life of a lifter if...

1) you are so beat up that you have to take some ibuprofen just to get through a training session

2) you have to use icy hot, or an equivalent, to get through a session

3) you think about your next training cycle more often than you think about...well, anything else

4) you think about how awesome it would be to just put 5lbs more on your lifts, while "normal" people think adding five pounds is not hard (we know what five pounds more could do for us)

5) you have been training so long that you can not stand to take more than a few days off before hitting it hard again

6) you absolutely HATE deloads, but know how important they are to progress

7) you've trained through several injuries and continued to make progress without getting checked out, while a "normal" person would have stopped training all-together

8) you plan to 'bloat' before a heavy training session

9) you constantly visualize yourself performing big lifts

And the list goes on....

Please, feel free to add yours to the list.


  1. You have sacrificed fun in the name of a new PR.

    You are no longer impressed by a bodyweight bench.

    You are one of the few that know the merits of squatting BELOW parallel.

    Your training weights for the next cycle get as much attention as your significant other.

    You are surprised when someone doesn't know about the posterior chain.

    You know who Alexeev is.

    I'll come up with more later...