Monday, September 6, 2010

Squatting Screw-up

As some of you may know, I have recently finished a 4 day/week squat program called the Smolov squat program. It's base cycle is three weeks straight, with the fourth week used as a deload week before beginning the next cycle. I only went through the base cycle.

Recently, since finishing the Smolov, I have not been squatting up to par. This includes both not being able to work at the intensity I want, and not hitting the volume at lower intensities I'm working with.

Therefore, the purpose of this post is to evaluate the previous two months of squatting sessions to find when my squat mojo left, and what caused it to leave. First I will include my thoughts on what is going on. Then I will list each of my squat sessions from the last couple months.

I will warn you before reading any further...I am one of those kinds of people that over-analyzes EVERYTHING. Training is not exception to this either. That is problem numero uno, but it is certainly not the cause of this mishap because I have always been this way. My second thought is that my motor patterns have changed because of tightness in my right leg. Since I've finished the Smolov, my right sartorius has been extremely tight to the point of pain at it's origin (my right ASIS/hip bone). In my opinion, this is probably the culprit because the posterior chain of my right side has not felt right since this started. Anyone who has squatted can attest that if your glutes/hamstrings aren't firing, you're in for some sub-par performances. Another thought that I have been having is that my right triceps surae (calf muscles) are overactive, which could be causing some improper motor unit firing patterns. This thought came to me because I always feel my right 'calf' over my left when I'm walking...and I feel my left glute over my right while walking. Therefore, this could very well be adding to the problem as well. Are you still with me? I told you I over-analyze! These top the list of my thoughts (believe me, there are more). I've tried everything to fix these...stretching, strengthening, foam/ball rolling. Nothing is working!

Here is the list of my squat sessions (used belt all days except first):

7/26 (Start Smolov) Bwt = 167lbs
60x4, 90x3, 107x4x9

7/28 Bwt = 164.4lbs
60x5, 90x3, 105x2, 114x5x7

7/30 Bwt = 168.4lbs
60x4, 90x3, 110x2, 122x7x5

7/31 (#)
135x5, 185x3, 225x3, 245x1, 275x3x3, 2+1,",4x3,2+1

8/2 (#)
135x5, 185x4, 225x3, 255x4x9

8/4 Bwt = 168.6lbs
70x5, 90x3, 110x2, 124x5x7

60x5, 100x3,2, 110x2, 120x2, 130x1+2,2, 125x2, 122x1, 110x4,5,2
This was easily the worst day of the program. My R quad was cramped and tight.

70x5, 100x2, 110x2, 125x10x3

60x5, 90x4, 110x2,9, 112.5x3x9

70x5, 90x4, 110x3, 115x7, 120x7, 122.5x3x7

8/13 Bwt = 168.6lbs
70x3, 100x3, 110x3, 120x1, 130x5,5,4/5, 127.5x4+1,",4/5,2+1+1/2, 120x1
By the last few sets, I wasn't able to finish the sets. The last set with 120 was just to make up the few reps I missed, but probable would've failed beyond one rep.

8/14 (Last day on Smolov) Bwt = 169.4lbs
70x3, 100x3, 110x2, 120x2, 130x3x3, 132x3, 130x6x3

8/20 (Max attempt)
70x4, 90x2, 110x2x1, 120x1, 130x1, 140x1, 110x5
This was a horrible day...140 almost crushed me. This was actually 12.5kg less than my previous max before starting the Smolov. My hope was to get around 160kg. This will have to happen another day.

Hopefully this will paint a picture as to what is going on with my squat. If you see anything, let me know! Until this gets worked out, I will be putting my head down and pushing forward to get back to where I was just a few short weeks ago.

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